Brian Lund
Here's how I got started turning picture to portraits... Years ago I was trying to think of a very special Christmas gift to give my Mother.  Looking through our family pictures at her house, I found a very old photograph of her Mother as a young woman taken in the late 1920s just as she was coming to America from Germany just before WW2 broke out.  This was the only photograph my Mother had of Grandma Barnes from that time in her life, and was one of Mom's most cherished pictures. 

I asked if I could borrow it to scan into my computer.  I then worked for days sketching with charcoal and pencils to turn her picture to portrait.  I scanned the finished work, and made several prints. 

As it is with so many people, it was at this same holiday time that memories of my Father were especially strong.  He had passed away a few years prior, and I had always wanted to find a way to honor him.  I found a marvelous photo of him graduating from High School. Inspired, I sketched a picture to portrait, and made additional prints.

On Christmas Day, I gave my Mom, my brothers and my sister each two framed portraits.  The tears of joy I witnessed on their faces was unforgettable. 

Since that time, over the past fifteen years, I have created hundreds of pencil portraits from photographs for family, friends and clients, and I am humbled and amazed at how much it moves each of them emotionally to see their favorite picture turned into pencil portraits.

Originally from Northern Indiana,
I make my home 
in Florida with my wife Mona and our feline companions, Gracie, Nemo and Mochi.

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